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How to Get a Website that Really WORKS to Grow your Business.

A few years ago, just having a business website put you ahead of your competitors. But now, the game has gone up a level. Your website needs to be a hard-working tool.

We help local business owners capture new leads and convert them to sales.

Here's what your website NEEDS:

A 'Mobile-Responsive' Design

The biggest website crime? Failing to make it mobile-friendly. This matters because 96% of consumers say they search online from their phone and yet an astonishing 93.3% of small business websites are NOT mobile compatible. (In the USA, a huge 25% of internet users ONLY access the internet on a mobile device!) 

Freshly-minted content

If your website hasn't been updated in the last 4 years, it's dead in the water. Google doesn't care about you and nor do your prospects. Stanford University says that 75% of people judge the credibility of your company directly from your website. Without regular updates you lose the credibility and authority you need if you want to convert website visitors into customers.

Laser focus on the customer's needs

In earlier days your website was an exciting brochure, telling potential customers more about your business. It was all about "we, we, we." But these days your prospects INSTANTLY want to know just one thing only: what you can do for them. So now your website needs to talk about "you, you, you."

A Return-On-Investment

Let's just say it: your website should be making you money! You should be monitoring and testing your conversion rates to grow the number of customers it's generating. And yet, most local business owners haven't even set-up analytics on their website. We're not talking eCommerce, here. Just an effective 'funnel' process for converting website visitors into paying customers.

Some of our happy clients . . .


Sport Fishing Business Hooks New Customers

Most people who book a game fishing boat have decided on their charter before they start their holiday! So tournament sport fisherman and charter business owner Danny Crosby wanted a website that captures prospects' interest in advance. His website teaches them what to look for in a fishing charter, so they're educated buyers. Now, record numbers of fishing charters are enjoying the "Sailfish Zone."


Tree Care Expert Slashes Advertising Budget

Like many landscapers and arborists, Russ Dolan was spending regularly in local newspapers to drum up business. Trouble is, that's no longer where most people go looking for help. These days, Russ has a steady stream of calls from home owners who found his website on Google and who were able to contact him directly for a quote. 


Local Service Business Stitches Up Competitors

Mike Neill from The Upholstery Shoppe has been a leader in the industry for more than 40 years. Unfortunately, his website also looked as if it was built 40 years ago! (Remember, 75% of people judge a company by its website.) As a result, customer enquiries were falling as newer competitors chipped away at his business. We built a new website to show how quality work should be done, re-establishing the company as the market leader. 


Cooking Up Better Conversions With Educated Buyers

There are so many great ideas, which will make a difference to a great kitchen design, that buyers can be confused by the vast number of choices. Stephen Parr, at Prestige Kitchens, uses his website to explain the benefits of the many different choices. As a result, Prestige Kitchens is regarded as an authority and the sales conversion rate has never been higher. 


How to See Exotic India, Differently

Best Exotic Tours was started by Jane Lawrence's sister-in-law, Rachel, who found India was an ‘exotic mystery’ to many of her friends from back home. Tragically, Rachel died leaving three young children so Jane took over running the tours and the profits go to educating Rachel's children. The website gives people a 'feel' for the tours, which have grown from strength to strength and become very popular. 

Don't just sit there: Take ACTION!

You're busy, like every other local business owner. So busy, you're tempted to put this aside. And yet the need to upgrade your website will only grow more urgent. Already 94% of people search online for a local business (Google.) Make it easier for them to buy from you. Click here, NOW. . .